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Ideal Shot Glasses Set of 6 (2.02 oz)

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  • Glass height: 2.3 inches
  • Glass diameter: 1.9 inches
  • Capacity: 2.02 oz
  • Glass weight: 1 lb


  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Items in set: 6
  • Material: Lead free crystal
  • Collection: Ideal
  • Brand: Crystalex

Perfect for serving tequila, whiskey, bourbon, vodka, and similar products.

Ideal shot glass

Why do some people love spirit drinks than others? The ideal shot Glass 60ml make spirit drinks so attractive to the eye that you just was to keep drinking none stop. From the Ideal Collection, the Crystalex Brand came up with this glassware to take the love for Spirit drinks to the next level. Spirit drinks like tequila, whiskey, bourbon scotch, vodka, and other similar products. Ideal Collection went all out to assure users that it has the finest of quality and can enhance the taste of all drinks within it. Crystalex brand made sure that the quality of the glassware is distinctive and unique which kicks other brands off the market. With a capacity of 60ml, the shot glass can hold a whole lot of flavors within it. It brings beauty to your bar, attracting clients to stay for a drink or two.

Set of six Shot Glass. Elegant looks and a gift.

Ideal shot glasses box

The history of shot glass begins at early 1987 and lasts till our days. And it is very clear why this history lasts so long – it is so universal glass, that it goes very well with many drinks, such as tequila, vodka, Jägermeister, etc. Size of shots can vary drastically in different countries, but still the most popular is this 60 ml shot. Experts say, that this size is ideal for one swallow drink and is practical, as it can be used even as a measurement for making cocktails.


Crystalex product has proven an outstanding top-quality glass material but also advanced technology of forming. The Crystalex is a lead free colored kind of Crystal material used of glassware. With the Crystalex glassware material your health safety is 100% guaranteed.