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Vendor: Crystal Decor

Lara Brandy Glasses Set of 6 (13.5 oz)

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Product Type: Glassware
SKU: Lara 40415-400 ml
Weight: 2.55 lb
Vendor: Crystal Decor

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  • Glass height: 5.5 inches
  • Glass diameter: 2.9 inches
  • Capacity: 13.5 oz
  • Glass weight: 2 lb


  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Items in set: 6
  • Material: Lead free crystal
  • Collection: Lara
  • Brand: Crystalex

Crafted from a lead-free Crystal in Bohemia.

Lara brandy glass

The Brandy stylish looking round glass from the Lara Collection enhances the brandy taste within the glassware. Brandy drink has many unique flavors all together in one drink that produces that feel in the mouth. The Lara Brandy Glass brings this flavors into one glass and then enhances the taste within the glassware. The 400ml from the Lara collection can be used for Brandy drinks and for other occasional use. Each of this piece goes through a very intense process to make sure the end product is of the highest quality. The Lara Brandy Glass 400ml is a Crystalex brand and its craftsmanship is done in a distinctive and unique way that it can be spotted in a group of glassware. It comes in a set of six with a stylish looking portable gift box. It is suitable for you. 100% lead-free crystal glass material, elegant looking cognac glassware also suitable for wine, water, and other kinds of similar products.

Perfect for serving brandy and similar drinks.

Brandy has a lot of unique flavors in it, so the glass should lock them all inside and keep it until it comes nearer tasters nose. That‘s why this crystal brandy glass (or you can call it snifter) has a has a wide bottom and a relatively narrow top. As brandy should be served at room temperature, this glass will allow easily keep it in your hands and enjoy all aromas of this drink.

In accordance with etiquette rules, you should fill the brandy snifter only to the widest part of it so that when placed sideways on a level surface the brandy would fill as close to the rim as possible, of course without spilling. And this crystal glass is the best way to do it, as it is specially made for brandy.

Lara brandy glass set box


Crystalex product has proven an outstanding top-quality glass material but also advanced technology of forming. The Crystalex is a lead free colored kind of Crystal material used of glassware. With the Crystalex glassware material your health safety is 100% guaranteed.