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Bohemia Hand Carved Whiskey Glasses Set of 6 / 320ml each

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If you are a lover of such a sophisticated drink as Whiskey, we are sure, your friends are too. And if they still have any doubts about drinking whiskey, the only think you have to do – is to share with them a very high quality drink, with a piece of ice and of course in a special glass, where you can swirl the drink and feel how ordinary day becomes a very extraordinary.

This set of handsome whiskey glasses will help you to create a very refined atmosphere and will bring your wet bar in to a higher level.

When your glassware are hand carved, you can be sure, you don’t need additional decorations to your dinner table. Create a special atmosphere by choosing hand carved glasses made of crystal. They will be durable, thin and stylish, moreover it will reflect the light adding to it even more glow.

Bohemian Hand made  Whisky Glass /set of 6/320ml

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