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Exclusive Gold Decor Champagne Flute Glasses Set of 6 / 2.02oz each

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  • Glass height: 8.2 inches
  • Glass diameter: 2.5 inches
  • Capacity: 2.02 oz
  • Glass weight: 3 lb


  • Dishwasher Safe: No
  • Items in set: 6
  • Material: 24% PbO Lead crystal
  • Collection: Gold Exclusive
  • Brand: Gold Crystal

Set of six Gold Décor Champagne Flute Glasses.

Gold Decor Champagne Flute Glasses Set

Having this exclusive champagne glass set is like having all your tools for an event. Champagne lovers are much more in love this glassware on first glance because it has all this unique quality that makes it the best for champagne. The Gold Décor Champagne Glass is decorated with gold paintings around its edges. Lead crystal glass with a capacity of 150ml which should be more than enough for a quick sip of champagne. The Gold Décor Champagne Flute Glass is like no other glass because this particular doesn’t have a flute-like opening but a wide opening which makes it much easier. Gold Décor Champagne Flute Glass 150ml can last a lifetime if given the proper care needed.

Perfect for serving Champagne drinks.

As this type of glasses are mostly suitable for young sparkling wines, the set of these crystal champagne flutes will lead perfectly Brut or Extra Brut lovers. Bubbles will keep sparkling for longer and will compliment taster’s mouth.

As you are purchasing flute glasses, take a note, that as much as they are suitable for sparkling wine, in accordance with the rules of the etiquette, you can perfectly use them for drinking beer! It will enhance and showcase carbonation in the beer and allow for the faster release of volatiles, resulting in more intense aroma.

Handmade Gold decoration

Gold paint decorDecorated with PANTO gold. Panto is traditional kind of decoration that when the decor is applied on the glass by wax; then the small needle engraves the décor and then the glass will be put into engraving bath to finish the decor. After this process, the gold rim can then be painted on the glass.

Exclusive collection

Exclusive decorGeneral information – Made from special lead crystal 24% PbO of a very high quality. Exclusive collection items are be decorated manually with hand by engraving and painting on them. Packaging in the dark blue cartoon boxes, sometimes with satin them.

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