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Red Wine Glasses (Set of 6) - Tulip Shape Elegant, Durable & Crystal Clear Wine Stemware, 100% Lead Free, Made in Europe, 11.8 Ounce

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Handcrafted Bohemian Crystal White Wine Glasses – From One Of The Czech Republic’s best Oldest Glassmakers Whether you’re sipping a complex Chardonnay or a fruity Sauvignon Blanc, you’ll love serving your favourite vino in these durable yet delicate crystal glasses. These crystal wine glasses are handcrafted in the Czech Republic, where the art of glassmaking goes back centuries. Bohemian glass first came to prominence in the renaissance, and even today it is renowned as the finest glass in Europe. As soon as you drink from these crystal wine glasses for the first time, you’ll see why. Designed for Delicate Durability Wine aficionados believe that delicate crystal glasses enhance the flavour of the wine. Sadly, delicate glasses can often break when washing or clinking together for a toast. We’ve designed these crystal wine glasses for a perfect compromise. They are thin and delicate, so they are perfect for special occasions, like Christmas, birthday, anniversary, fine wines and wine tastings. Yet they are reinforced against breakages, so they won’t fall apart in your hands. They are also completely dishwasher safe. 100% Money-Back Guarantee These wine glasses are packed safely and designed to withstand chipping or signs of wear. They arrive with perfectly straight stems, and without any deformities or bubbles. The high quality is immediately obvious as soon as you hold them in your hands. If you aren’t completely satisfied with these glasses for any reason at all, simply let us know. We’ll be more than happy to offer you a replacement or a full refund, with no hassles and no delays. Good white wine deserves great glassware. Pick up this set of Bohemian Lead-Free Crystal white wine glasses today. ​ Tulipa Design Crystalex Collection by ​Crystal Decor