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  • How to Identify Moscato Wine and Pair it With Food

    Posted by Esther Ruiz

    Moscato Wine Pairing With FoodIf you are looking for a type of white wine that goes incredibly well with most dishes, you cannot go wrong with Moscato wine. This Italian-based wine grape is one of the oldest varieties in the world and provides a wide palette of assortments with different levels of acidity, alcohol and rich taste.

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  • 8 things You Should Know About Wine and Cheese Pairings

    Posted by Veenu Hooja

    Pairing wine and Cheese

    One of the best food combinations no one objects to is the salivating combination of wine and cheese. Each one is delicious on its own, but when they are paired together they combine to give a magical taste. Regardless of the type of cheese, there is always a matching wine for it.

    Many people find the task of matching wine and cheese very difficult. Wine and Cheese pairing does take some thought, but they don't have to...