About us

Our production is based on time tested high quality standards. The main uniqueness is the material used in the glassware as all the products are made of Bohemian crystal which is valued by customers all over the world. The history of Bohemian crystal starts in the 16th century and time after time it raised the number of fans for its unique technology as well as our durable, hand-cut and hand-blown products.


Bohemia is a part of the Czech Republic and it became famous for its beautiful and colorful glass during the Renaissance. Glass-workers of Bohemian combined potash with chalk and discovered a very clear colourless crystal that was much more sustanable than ordinary glass. Bohemian crystal was first mentioned in the 16th century and standed out with its thinness and much better quality then glass coming from other locations. In the 17th century gemcutter to Emperor Rudolf II, Caspar Lehmann discovered the possibility to use copper and bronze wheels to the technique of gem engraving and during the era producers of Check lands earned the international reputation as the main decorative glassware manufacturers.  All expert craftsmen of Bohemia region worked with the crystal artfully and became skilled teachers of glass-making. Excellent cut and engraving became a synonymous of this area and in the 19th century it was already known all over the world. Durability and quality is the main reason why this story of success is still memorable in our days. We are glad to be a part of the history and share with our customers the heritage of the Bohemian crystal production.

Why us?

In cooperation with our company craftsmen can freely use their imagination. The only one requirement without any exceptions is material the products are made of as it can be only the best quality crystal with origin of Czech Republic. That‘s why all our products are hand-blown and hand-cut luxury works of art. Still, as we work with experienced people only, we guarantee their competence to recognize good quality work that gives not only the satisfaction to customer‘s eyes. As a result of high standard to our products, we gain a long term trust of our customers as well as long lasting friendship.

The process of choosing products for our website is difficult and long, however it is worth to wait while it gives reliable results. We receive lots of samples from various craftsmen and companies. Using our time tested standards we check every product and if it matches criteria of safety, luxurious look and style, only then you can see it on our website. By using this technique of selection, we are 100% sure, that our products will suit perfectly the classy and luxurious lifestyle of our customers.