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Vendor: Crystal Decor

Lara Wine Glasses Set of 6 (2.1 oz)


Product Type: Glassware
SKU: Lara-40415-65ml-FINAL
Weight: 1.45 lb
Vendor: Crystal Decor

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  • Glass height: 6 inches
  • Glass diameter: 2 inches
  • Capacity: 2.1 oz
  • Glass weight: 1 lb


  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Items in set: 6
  • Material: Lead free crystal
  • Collection: Lara
  • Brand: Crystalex

Crafted from a high-quality lead-free crystal glass material.

Lara liquor glass set

Liquor drinks are made from alcoholic beverages which contain ethanol, and depressant, With the Lara collection Liquor 65ml glass your drink with have an enhanced taste. It comes in six sets form and can be used for your alcohol at any time of the day. Everyone can utilize the glass; it is not peculiar to a particular sex. It has a current capacity of 65ml without carafe and can be used for the occasional purpose; The Lara collection has gone through a very intense process to come out with this great look of the round-shaped crystallite bohemia glass. It was made out of a distinctive, high-quality crystal glass material. The Lara-Bohemia Collection was made in Czech Republic and could be an excellent gift for friends and family.

Set of six glasses comes with a great looking gift box.

Lara liquor glass set box

To serve it in accordance with the rules of etiquette, you should use these stylish liquor glasses. What’s more you will be able to use them for extra sweet wine or other strong sweet alcoholic beverage.


Crystalex product has proven an outstanding top-quality glass material but also advanced technology of forming. The Crystalex is a lead free colored kind of Crystal material used of glassware. With the Crystalex glassware material your health safety is 100% guaranteed.