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Vendor: Crystal Decor

Sandra Wine Glasses Set of 6 (2.19 oz)


Product Type: Glassware
SKU: Sandra-40728-65ml-FINAL
Weight: 1.75 lb
Vendor: Crystal Decor

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  • Glass height: 7 inches
  • Glass diameter: 2.4 inches
  • Capacity: 2.19 oz
  • Glass weight: 1 lb


  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Items in set: 6
  • Material: Lead free crystal
  • Collection: Sandra
  • Brand: Crystalex

Set of six Round shaped Sandra Liquor Glassware.

Sandra liquor glass

For the Liquor lovers, the Sandra collection has come up with a perfect glass to enjoy Liquor to the fullest bit. The looks of the Sandra Liquor Glass is just so attracting such that it fits into every single drinking aspect. The Sandra Collection is a Crystalex brand which can be used to bring beauty to your barkeep. It can be utilized for all kinds of liquor drinks. The six set of glass comes in a very distinctive shape and design that makes it easily spotted. The round shaped crystal glassware was made in the Bohemia, the Czech Republic. The smoothie feeling when you pick the round shaped crystal would certainly get you to keep using it. With the durable, lead-free crystal glass, this would be the perfect glass for occasional use.

Crafted of lead-free Crystal in Bohemia.

Sandra liquor glasses box

Liquor is a drink made from strong alcoholic beverage and various syrups, wines, juices and kind of brandy. It can contain up to 80% ethyl alcohol. As it is sweet and tasty, liquor is equally loved by women and men. Some of liquor types has its own heritage and old traditions as well as serving.

To serve it in accordance with the rules of etiquette, you should use these stylish liquor glasses. What’s more you will be able to use them for extra sweet wine or other strong sweet alcoholic beverage.


Crystalex product has proven an outstanding top-quality glass material but also advanced technology of forming. The Crystalex is a lead free colored kind of Crystal material used of glassware. With the Crystalex glassware material your health safety is 100% guaranteed.