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  • Why Expensive Wine Needs Quality Stemware: The Facts You Didn’t Know

    Posted by ivona ku

    When you are opening that $100 bottle of wine, it is a common mistake to drink it from cheap,
    low-quality stemware manufactured in China. After all, what difference does it make? Well, it
    turns out there are a number of important reasons why excellent wine deserves to be served in
    excellent quality glassware. The facts in this article might change your mind about wine glasses

    The Perfect Shape Makes for Perfect Enjoyment

    There are many different shapes...


  • All You Have to Know About Types of Wine Glasses

    Posted by Esther Ruiz

    While many don’t bother about drinking glasses, some classic folks do. In fact, there used to be an old Scottish joke, that it is only a child that would not know the right cup for a wine. However, if you own a restaurant or you intend to, it is important to know what glass goes for what wine. Not just owners. In fact, it is important that a chef and a sommelier knows what types of glasses are fit to serve...


  • 5 best wine glass brands and why you should pay attention

    Posted by Veenu Hooja

    Best wine glass brands

    As a wine lover, you have come across the array of glasses used while dining. You have probably sipped from decadent crystal glasses and that unforgettable experience has put you in the search for the best crystal glass brands for your personal collection. Sommeliers agree that there is a perfect glass to suit each style of


  • How to buy red wine glasses online?

    Posted by Veenu Hooja

    Buy red wine glassesRed wines are made from black or red grapes fermented with the skin. The skin gives the wine the characteristic red color. Usually, red wines have a stronger taste and blend well with equally robust foods such as red meats like beef and lamb, savory pasta dishes and more. Red wines are usually served at room temperature or just below.

    Although the infinite variety of wines requires exploration, asking a connoisseur about the importance of a...