All You Have to Know About Types of Wine Glasses

All You Have to Know About Types of Wine Glasses

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While many don’t bother about drinking glasses, some classic folks do. In fact, there used to be an old Scottish joke, that it is only a child that would not know the right cup for a wine. However, if you own a restaurant or you intend to, it is important to know what glass goes for what wine. Not just owners. In fact, it is important that a chef and a sommelier knows what types of glasses are fit to serve their customers. Here, we shall discuss the best red wine and white wine glasses.

Actually, in appreciating wines, the type of glass matters. In fact, beyond the common smooth and polished wine glasses that there were, there are new sets of customized, crystal glasses to make a wine tasting experience an appreciable one.

Red Wine Glasses

Red wine glasses have a characteristic stem tallness and wide bowls.

Bordeaux Wine Glass

Meet a typical Bordeaux wine glass. It is the tallest of the red wine glasses. Although it has a perfectly defined curve, it does not have the largest bowl. This fact does deplete its potency to give a tasting experience. The tallness of the glass offers a smooth and straight journey to the bank of the mouth where the taste of a red wine is really savoured. This constructive tactic does not give the mouth a bitter taste in the mouth. The curvy bowl does not allow the wine to pour excessively while drinking, such that the taste bud receives a curt amount, enough to give a pleasure of the wine. Talk a Bordeaux wine, talk Cindy! You can also check out Lara Bordeaux Wine Glass.

The Cabernet Wine Glass

When you are considering wines manufactured from the valleys of Canada and Lebanon, know that the most probable glass for such class of wines would be the Cabernet Wine Glass. A cabernet glass is crafted to give an intense wine aroma. Its shape gives it this pleasure; wide and sharp, curvy bowl, and narrow mouth. This grace allows the wine’s aroma to remain contained in the bowl, such that when the glass is brought to the mouth, the aroma knocks the nose, the same time the wine kisses the tongue. A cabernet glass is better enjoyed when the wine is poured in a quantity, not above the widest walls of the bowl. Need to see ones to buy? Check out the Sandra Big Red Wine glass.


A zinfandel glass is slightly shorter than Bordeaux’s. It has a wider and thin rim for a safe landing on the lips and a smooth flow above the floor of the mouth. The height and thickness mark the difference between a Zinfandel glass and a Bordeaux glass. Although, many do not know this fact, hence, they use the glasses interchangeably. Do you think about purchasing one for your restaurant? Get the Rainbow coloured Wine glass set.

White Wine Glasses

White wines do not appreciate the luxury of details that the red wines care about when dictating its glass. This, however, does not mean there is no beauty or sensation that accompanies the white wine. Of course, there are! No one gets a wine to decorate his/her restaurant shelf. What chef dares ignore the viewing and the tasting experience of white wines? So, here is a list of the commonest white wine glasses. White wine glasses are shorter, and they have wider rims, to make the wine easily let go of the aroma, and reach more places on the tongue, where the taste appreciation is prime. The glasses are more U-shape inclined than the red wine glasses whose bowls are bowed.

Chardonnay White Wine Glass

The length of a chardonnay glass is shorter than a regular red wine’s. This height helps the wine stay around the front of the mouth, preventing it from going to the back. The sweetness of a chardonnay is to be hosted by the tip of the tongue. The bowl of a chardonnay wine is wider, allowing even distribution to the side of the mouth. Get a rainbow coloured crystal glass for a group dinner for your restaurant. Or, you can simply go for the Lara crystal goblets.

Sweet Wine Glass

As a sommelier, do you have white wines on the top of the chart every time you make a list of wines to get? You would make it perfect by adding the right Sweet wine glasses to the list. Sweet wine glasses have tall rims and enclosed rims. This allows the wine to spread beyond the tip of the tongue, to avoid overwhelming sweetness. Do you need a recommendation? The Good Wine set is a great choice of glass, any time, any day.

Vintage Wine Glass

Vintage glasses encourages the full blast savour of a wine. Talking about wine sensation in all ramification, a vintage wine does not top the chart. It does not give the chance to allow an aroma sensation. However, if the vintage wine has a low aromatic smell, a vintage glass would do just fine for it. A vintage glass has a short, wide bowl. Thinking about getting a recommendation? You can go for the Royal Alexandra Gold Décor glass set.

Prosecco Wine Glass

There are various glasses that makes a Prosecco wine to sit confidently in them. We have the glasses enunciated, and we came to an interesting conclusion. Read the best Prosecco wine glasses here. A Prosecco glass would allow a good view of the rising sparkles within the tall bowl of the glass. The bowl is curvy, such that it allows the aroma of the wine to gently unfurl to the nose. Shop for best known Prosecco wine glasses here.

There you go! When next you go shopping, know your glasses as much as you know your wine. Be regal with your wine and glasses. As a sommelier, while some might not know why your glasses of choice change with separate orders for wines, some like you do appreciate your sensitivity with wines and glasses. And to you, dear sommelier, here is a toast in a champagne flute, for knowing what you do!