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  • All You Have to Know About Types of Wine Glasses

    Posted by Esther Ruiz

    While many don’t bother about drinking glasses, some classic folks do. In fact, there used to be an old Scottish joke, that it is only a child that would not know the right cup for a wine. However, if you own a restaurant or you intend to, it is important to know what glass goes for what wine. Not just owners. In fact, it is important that a chef and a sommelier knows what types of glasses are fit to serve...


  • Choosing The Best Prosecco Glasses

    Posted by Veenu Hooja

    Best Prosecco glasses

    What is as exotic as having an almighty Prosecco comfortably seated in confident glass cups? The almighty Prosecco needs the best glass possible, for a perfectly fine wine as itself. This post will help classic people decide which of the Crystal Glasses can accompany the Prosecco in various classic situations. After all, if you want to have wine at all, you need to have it excellently well.

    The type of glass matters in wine selection. Many do not know this;...