Wedding Champagne Glasses & Toasting Flutes Buying Guide and Top Recommendations

Wedding Champagne Glasses & Toasting Flutes Buying Guide and Top Recommendations

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A wedding occasion is about the best and most memorable occasion in anyone’s life. It is a day you just want to make sure nothing goes awry, and everything is in a perfect state. Putting everything in a good fit for a wedding ceremony begins with doing everything right. In planning a wedding, every detail no matter how small must resonate with other details to create a sweet harmony. Like chain in a wheel, if anything goes wrong, no matter how small or how seemingly significant, every other thing would fall off. That is why the exact types of wedding champagne glass to buy is key. Using the best fit of champagne glasses for a wedding occasion gives it that classy glamour that reeks of subtle sophistication, a constant characteristic of the upper-class wealth.

While it is good to know the right champagne glasses to make a perfect wedding occasion, it is also good to know how to take good care of those champagne glasses. The first rule of the thumb for cleaning your champagne glasses and making sure they are in the good reusable state is to know to clean them with soaps or abrasive detergent. Cleaning your champagne glasses that way could ruin everything were those set of glasses to be used again. In fact, it renders the champagne glasses practically useless, and this is why. Sediments of that washing detergent could accidentally remain at the base of the glasses which may run any champagne poured into it when next it is used. Also, when storing your champagne glasses in a box, always do so by padding the glasses, so they don’t smash against each other in the box.

Now that that is done let’s get to our buying guide and top recommendations for champagne glasses.

Exclusive Gold Decor Champagne Flute Glasses

This is a top of the class champagne glass, and you get six in a set. It currently goes for about $170 at a discount. The actual price could be more than that. The Exclusive Gold Décor Champagne Flute Glass brings a majestic touch to any wedding. This is a perfect wedding glass if you look for something that speaks class and wealth. Though a flute glass, the champagne flute glass has a wide opening that makes sipping comfortable without the edge of the glass hitting your nose. As the name suggests, the top part of this champagne glass is layered in gold with sculpted art on the gold color. The design is delicate and beautify. So much attention to details must have gone into the sculpture. This is a champagne glass with sterling aesthetics. The Exclusive Gold has a 150ml champagne capacity. That is a perfect capacity to allow you up to six sips from the glass. Produced with a lead crystal glass, the Exclusive Gold Décor Champagne Glass is a perfect art and a good fit for a wedding occasion. You should consider getting this.

Alexandra Platinum Champagne Glass

The Alexandra Platinum Champagne Glass comes in a 6 set for $52. With a six inches height, this is a good fit for a wedding. The height gives more room to hold the fluted if you want to hold it around the body rather than at the tail. This is a lead-free crystal champagne glass. The height of the champagne glass makes good to handle champagne bubbles like magic. Inside the Alexandra Platinum Champagne Glass, the bubbles are not easily dissipated; they remain in the glass to retain the taste of the champagne. At the edge of the glass is a meticulously done platinum decoration. It has a large capacity of 160ml to handle enough champagne per a glass fill. The Alexandra Platinum Champagne Glass is a good recommendation.

Rainbow Champagne Flute Glass

The Rainbow Champagne Flute Glass comes in different colors that could compliment a wedding décor. This champagne flute glass has 9.5 inches height. That gives it a tail long enough for a very comfortable hold. One very important and most admirable feature of the Rainbow Champagne Flute is that it comes in six different colors of Sunrise-Red, ocean blue, daisy yellow, emerald green, punching purple & graphite grey. Apart from the fact that these colors will blend well with your wedding décor, they would blend with the dresses and clothes of your invitees too. This is the kind of champagne glass everyone at your wedding ceremony will love to show off as it spices their overall look of elegance. Another very wonderful quality of the Rainbow Champagne Flute Glass is that it is dishwasher safe, unlike many other champagne glasses.

Exclusive Laura Decor Champagne Glass Hand Carved

The Laura Décor Champagne is a very artistic champagne glass of outstanding class. It goes for $86. It has a 150ml capacity and please note that this champagne glass is not dishwasher safe, you would have to hand clean it. The Exclusive Laura Décor Champagne Glass has marveling flowery art engraved into the whole diameter of its body. A great feature of this champagne glass is that it gives an excellent touch to your décor. Use this in a wedding ceremony, and you would only be upping the elegance of the occasion. This is not just a champagne glass; this is a champagne glass used for a ceremony you would want to make an artistic statement in. The tail of the champagne glass is modeled with a very astonishing knot in the middle that adds to the overall sterling look of the Exclusive Laura Décor Champagne glass. In thinking of how to choose a class for that wedding ceremony, choose the Exclusive Laura Décor Champagne Glass with hand-carved arts.

Choosing the right champagne glasses for a wedding ceremony does so much to make the wedding a success, and a memory people will come to talk about moments after the wedding is long done. Pick one of those wedding recommendations in making that wedding a huge success.