Personalized and Engraved Wine Glasses

Personalized and Engraved Wine Glasses

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It is a royal culture to have a glass personalized. Such personalization could be done for the majesty on a throne or a person in power, and then, the royal cum honourable family. Among the practices of glass personalization and beautification, glass engraving is a common practice. If you are thinking of what to gift someone important to you, who knows life by its breweries, personalized and engraved glasses will do just fine.

It is a common acknowledgement that wine glasses are made from glass or crystal. One can wonder, what is the difference between a crystal glass and a plain glass? What does the make of a glass have to do with the engraving on wine glasses? Well, let us patiently see.

All crystals are glass, however, not all glasses are crystal. A crystal glass has a usual lead coating (in ancient times), Zinc and titanium oxides, etc. coatings are also used (by the incorporation of modern technology). In manufacturing glasses, a wine glass manufactured with a crystal will be easier to cut and engrave, because it is soft. The presence of a crystal will increase the weight of the glass; making it more comfy for a prestigious hand, and it also enables the glass for diffraction; the ability of light to pass through the glass and split up. Diffractions even make a glass wonderful to view glistening sparkles. Glasses can be industrially engraved or manually etched.

Crystal glasses can be patterned and engraved easily, by a careful craftsman. It is not to be confused with glass etching, where abrasive substances are used to create impressions on glasses.

There are various processing techniques used in creating engraved or personalized wine glasses, they include:


Intaglio is an old technique, still in use. The procedure involves the use of a sharp tool to create patterns and impressions on a crystal glass. A particular pattern of choice is created on a plate via cuts. then imprinted on the surface of the glass via ink. The pattern is applied on the surface of the glass by tracing the cuts with inks. The plate is carefully secured to ensure that the ink is formed in the right places without error. Wiping and dabbing with a selected absorbent to ensure cleanliness.


This refers to a technique where incisions are made on the surface of a glass with hard needles, metals, or diamond burrs. For a glass designed by a drypoint, the carved places are elevated by the side.


It is a technique that is used to create effects like shadows and solid markings on a glass. The artistic markings are done on the glass with markings. A paint (pigment, actually) is applied to the engraved parts of the glass with a pen or pointed brush. Stippled wine glasses are known from other forms of customization because one can practically see the artistic effects of shadows and shapes the crystal glass. The shapes and effects are known by the high and repeated touch of the pigment on a part of the engraved painting.


In the sandblasting technique, a pattern would be cut out on a (specific) material, which would then be used to mask the glassware to be engraved. The sandblasting gun is then used to spray the masked glass. The portion or pattern cut out of the material is left open and exposed to the effect of the gun. The pattern becomes imprinted on the glass, through abrasion. This technique is the most commercially used of all the glass engraving methods.

Panto Decoration

Glasses can be made royal, and beautifully attractive by adorning it with a PANTO gold decoration. The Panto is a form a decoration where a sharp tool is used to make the engraving on glass, and then, wax is used to make the decorative impression on the glass. The glass is then left in the engraving bath to make perfect touches and finishes. The gold paint can then be applied to a portion of the glass. Usually, the rim of the glass gets the painting. A panto decorated glass is made beautifully epic.

If you are looking to personalize a glass for someone dear, there is no need to travel far. There are decorated engraved glasses that will make your dear glad. Like every other person, you can shop online for the world’s best crystal and engraved glasses. Having a Bohemian crystal glass even makes it better.

Talking about decorative wares and personalized wares, here are some quality personalized and engraved wine glasses.

Gold Premium Decor Glasses

Gold Premium Décor Glasses: This is a set of glasses etched with crosshatches and a panto gold design. A beautiful masterpiece with the combination of two glass beautification techniques. Are you thinking if it has the royal feel when held? Of cause, it does. It is a crystal glassware!

Gold Decor Shot Glass

Gold Décor Shot glass: The short décor glass is the personified, perfect gentleman for a drink like the tequila or whiskey. This brand has in imprinted leaf pattern carved on its smooth body. Even more, it has a golden touch on its rim. It will be a honour to have this glass grace a gentleman’s bar.

Hand Carved multi-coloured Glass Set

Hand Carved multi-coloured glass set: Each member of this set is an elegant tumbler with multiple handcrafted designs on it. Each member is a crystal glass with engraved carvings with panto gold decoration. Something interesting is that the set has its member painted in a rainbow of colours, making the glass set a suitable cheerleader for juice or bourbon in a party of family and friends.

Gold Decor Champagne Flute

Gold Décor champagne flute: How about making your flute glass unique? Oh yes, you can. No one would refuse a champagne served in the gold décor flute. The chillness of the wine will perfectly blend with the engraved pattern on the bowl of the flute. Talk about class, designs, décor, and crystal in a glass, the Gold décor champagne flute has the vote.

At crystal décor, it is our delight to introduce you to the world of right glasses for your perfect wines!