All You Have to Know About Cognac and Brandy Snifter Glasses

All You Have to Know About Cognac and Brandy Snifter Glasses

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Selecting a choice for an elegant spirit can be a weapon; a weapon that marks out the class of drinkers and those who really know their drinks. And if you are to take your drink, take it not because you are taking it but, take it because you are aware of the goodness that comes with it. Hence, the need to make an awesome experience out of each chance of taking your brandy or cognac.

Brandy, as fondly called 'water of life' by its fans, is a brandy or cognac made from a typical distillation process. It is one of the most common home served brandy or cognacs. Based on polls, many people prefer to have it as a drink with which dinner is sent down the drain of the belly. As aged as brandy distillation is, the fragrance that can almost cut the nose is a part of the admiration art of the brandy or cognac that a brandy or cognac critic would want to absorb. Among tasters, it is a true saying, that knowing the drink also warrants knowing the vessel. So, what is the best brandy glass?

Cognac is one of the most popular drinks around. Not just popular, it is also one of the finest. The brandy or cognac has found history with man for more than two centuries. What warms the heart with this brandy or cognac is not just the spirit, the strong aroma that accompanies the flavour is something many long to catch. For several years, people have explored and tried to know what the best glass for drinking of Cognac or brandy is.  For a drink with the character sets of either drink, be assured there would always be a befitting drinking glass.

The best drinking glass for a brandy or a cognac is the typical 'snifter'. Snifters are balloon shaped glasses with a very short stem. They have wide bowls, which narrow to the top. The rim’s narrowness is not extreme. It is, in fact, spacious enough for the nose to catch the honour of the refreshing aroma of the brandy or cognac. Because of the importance of catching the aroma of a brandy, the glasses that are labelled as brandy glasses are called snifters. Snifters are manufactured with the distinct abilities that trap the flavour and the aroma of a brandy or cognac within itself. This aroma essence is only caught when the glass is closer to the nostrils. Hence, the taster has the perfect moment for tasting and sniffing form a snifter! The honour of a snifter when it comes distilled brandy or cognacs like the Brandy, Cognac, an Armagnac or any other family member is that the glass is filled to the cheeks of the glass. (The cheek being the farthest diameter of a bowl).

Here are lists of amazing brandy and cognac glass sets that offer premium satisfaction for the drink of choice. They are made with the consideration of various pocket sizes. They are incredibly affordable.

Lara Brandy Glass

From the Lara collection, this brandy glass enhances the taste of the brandy or cognac. The glass is manufactured from 100% pure crystals. The lead-free glass has characteristic sparkle and transparency, which is the same for the way it sends the impulses of a brandy or cognac to the sensory buds. It has a larger bowl that is widest at the cheeks and gets narrow as it rises to the top. The stem of the Lara Brandy glass is a short one, comfortable for holding the glass elegantly at the middle fingers. The glass is not just loyal to brandy and becomes a spectator to other types of drinks. No. It is also appreciable to serve water at a high table, a cognac, or any other member of the spirit family. Anyone familiar with the glass rule for a brandy would know that Lara was specially made to meet that rule at a stupendous submission.

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Gold Decor Brandy Glass

Specially made from the fine bohemian crystal, the Gold Decor Brandy Glass is crafted with the consciousness of a brandy or cognac. The bowl is moulded in a nice balloon shape. But what is most intriguing about this brandy glass is that it has a painted decoration at its neck, which climbs to the rim. It has a short stem with a wider foot; giving it more stability.

Exclusive Gold Decor Brandy Glass

If this is used to serve a cognac at a dinner in a where you are a guest, you need no foretelling to know this is not just a common cognac glass. That is not because it does not look like the normal snifter. Of course, it does. But the rare design printed on this crystalline glass is just special. The cross-hatches pattern is carved on the body of the vessel with a 24% lead oxide. The top of the bowl till it reaches the neck is hand painted with gold. The golden part is made by the traditional PANTO waxing and painting. The body is portable, with 4.2 inches height. It has a good stamina; courtesy, of the short stem and the large foot. 

The brandy and the cognac give the allowance for an eventful taste too, by giving license to a genre of the tulip. Having a customized tulip would also add a glamorous extravaganza to a party of the cognac. What makes the tulip a fitting choice? The balloon shape, of course. Traditionally, a brandy or a cognac should fill its glass to the largest part of its balloon cheek. This traps the flavour and the aroma of the brandy or cognac in the glass around the part, and the narrowing of the glass above the widest walls ensures that. Gradually, as brandy or cognac is sipped over time, the neck of a tulip bell collects. The mouth of the bell that opens outward allows the nose to savour the aroma of the brandy or cognac. This is because the nose is directly pointed into the centre of the glass when the glass is brought to find refuge in the inner of the lips. Who does not know that the blend of the flavour and aroma, in the end, is the divinity present with a cognac glass? The tulip offers that same beauty.

Determining a brandy snifter or a cognac glass does not require a tedious workout. Once the character of a brandy or cognac is known, it will be easier to pick a customizable ware that will carry the attribute of such brandy or cognac, relatively to human consumption.

It is our duty to come represent both of your healthy and stylish experience when taking your Cognac and Brandy, because we know that a brandy or cognac taken at all, is one taken so well.