Beginners Guide: How to Drink Whiskey Like a True Gentleman

Beginners Guide: How to Drink Whiskey Like a True Gentleman

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How you drink says a lot about who you are. So, pass on those cans of beer and take your glass of whiskey in hand. Hence, we are here to show you hot drink whiskey like a true gentleman.

How you drink can make you appear manly? Well, for one, assure that you do not have cranberry juice in your glass. We think that the drink you select should be according to the lifestyle you live. The drink you have in your hand will show your personality. It will give you confidence and show the world you are a modern man.

Here we have the guide to help you drink whiskey like a gentleman. Here we have some basic rules you have to keep in mind when you order your next drink. Let us show the world your true personality.

It all starts with a perfect glass

No one is going to pay attention if you are drinking out of a plastic cup. People will not call you an expert if you make the mistake of selecting the wrong glass. You are a gentleman, and this is not a college party. You have to wisely select the whiskey glasses. Your glass should help you enjoy the true flavors of whiskey that makers want you to enjoy.

  1. The premium Quadro tumblers are one of the best whiskey glasses that you can have. It is a lowball glass hence, it will help you to enjoy the drink when you smell it.
  2. The personalized whiskey glasses might seem old fashion but they always work when you are in a gathering.
  3. Conversely, if you have highball glasses, keep them aside. They are only good for cocktails.
  4. The premium Quadro tumblers will bring the amazing smell to your nose when you let it breathe.
  5. You will not be able to share your flavor information if you cannot smell the whiskey properly.
  6. Get a nice lowball glass, so you can set yourself for success.

Without a perfect whiskey glass, you are nothing. So, get the best premium orbit whiskey decanter set today.

Water or Ice

Water vs Ice

When you add water or ice, what you’re doing is lowering the ABV of the beverage in your hand. For one serving (1.5oz), a teaspoon of water will lower a 40% ABV beverage to 30%.

Especially for high-proof whiskeys, many experts will add just a little bit of tap water. This is to dilute the beverage a little bit, but also to soften the punch of the alcohol and let the whiskey flavor really come through. If you try this route, add just a tiny bit of water, see how it tastes, and add a splash more if desired. If you end up with too much water, your only remedy is to add more whiskey.

While many whiskey experts will decry the use of ice, it’s personally my favorite way to drink whiskey. Unless it’s a very smooth, high-end whiskey, you’ll likely need just a little something to take the punch off. The experts say that making the whiskey cold numbs the flavors a little bit, but I like my whiskey chilled, and I’ve tried all options enough to know what I like.