Choosing Best Champagne

Learn How to Choose Best Champagne for any budget

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Choosing Best ChampagneEveryone loves a great date, dinner or meeting. Simply put, we all love to make a great first impression. One of the easiest ways to impress anyone in both formal and informal setting is by offering a good bottle of champagne. Champagne in all its whiteness and dryness offers the right spark you need for your date.

The need for making a great first impression was best showed in the season 3 premiere of hit family drama show This is Us where Jack had just 9 dollars to treat the girl he believes as ‘the one’ to a night that she would always remember. 9 dollars! The first date ended badly due to a comical reason namely the rain (he couldn’t afford to buy an umbrella out of the $9 when the rain started at the carnival).

Jack didn’t have much time to plan but you do. You are in the right place to learn just how to choose the best champagne for any budget. Look at this as some sort of insight to making the best affordable choices when you are on a tight budget, or simply broke.

Finding the best champagne ordinarily is hard, but doing it on a budget is almost impossible. But not impossible. French names can be confusing and the price tags of Champagne bottles are often hefty and scary, but you can find a good champagne within your budget. Look at this as a sort of best cheap champagne.

You have to consider some basics things first when choosing. These factors are the foundations for whatsoever plan you are trying to make. But before going into the factors, there is one thing you need to know; be ready to take some time before finding the best cheap champagne.

Here are the factors you need to consider before making any Champagne selection decision.

What type of event or occasion do you need the bottle for?

There is a special bottle of champagne that fits perfectly with a particular event. The specific event at hand is what determines the Champagne you go for. Whether it is the Christmas and New Year Holidays with friends and family or just a romantic date with your partner, there is a champagne that suits it perfectly.

What type of food would be served at the event?

Champagne requires food pairing, meaning you can’t just start sipping Champagne without food. Champagne generally goes with the different type of food pairings but each variety has a food pairing that brings out the best in the Champagne experience.

 Choosing Best Champagne

There are some varieties of Champagne that are like middle grounds due to their food pairing versatility. They can go perfectly with both light and heavy food pairings. You might want to look for these varieties if you are unsure about the type of food that would be served or ordered.

How much can you actually afford?

This is the most important factor to consider before such a decision. It is a common sight to see bottles of Champagne going for as much as the higher hundreds of dollars. As a luxury wine, the most expensive Champagnes are considered the best champagne. At this particular moment, you cannot afford such a luxury. Nevertheless, there are some bottles of champagne that can be found as low as $40. Even if you want to go lower than that, there are bottles of champagne that can be gotten for about $20.

One thing you should know is that you will not be getting any vintage Champagne at such price. If you are gunning for vintage Champagnes from the Old World, your budget cannot allow you this.

The notion that you cannot get good champagne at cheap prices is wrong – the most expensive champagne does not necessarily have to be the best.

How many people are you expecting at your event?

Choosing Best Champagne

For occasions that would see a large number of people, it is advisable to go for the best cheap champagne varieties. Think about this: you are trying to cater for about 10-15 people and you are on a tight budget, going for bottles of Champagne that cost up to $100 would be an error on your part. You can go for the varieties that cost like $40 per bottle. In a situation like this, you can even get a discount when buying at a bulk rate.

For more intimate occasions or events with a small number of people, say 4, you might choose the up the ante a little.

Consider using cocktails

When perfectly mixed, the cocktail is an art. When on a budget, you should consider making use of cocktails by mixing your cheaper sparkling variety of Champagne with either rum, grapefruit juice or lemonade. All these make for an affordable option that would keep you within your budget.

Consider the regions

Sparkling wines from the Champagne region of France are generally expensive. This is not what you are looking for. What you should look out for are wines made through traditional method (same method as Old World Champagne) without the label name Champagne. These varieties usually come at cheaper prices and one could consider them the best cheap champagnes in the biz.

We don’t want you having the same sort of outcome Jack had. You deserve the best even when you are on a budget. Champagnes tend to be a bit expensive (well worth it though) sometimes and this might want to put you off. You are at the wine aisle and all you can see is fancy names and hefty prices – attractive but scary. You need not be scared anymore. With the right information, a great plan and by learning how to choose the best champagne for any budget, you can still have the best champagnes.

Consider all the factors, do your research and put on a confident face (it helps!). Sip bubbly in any of our Bohemian crystal 1500 ml glasses.