10 Best Vodka Brands in the World

10 Best Vodka Brands in the World

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10 Best Vodka Brands in the World Few things let alone drinks can rival the popularity of Vodka. Vodka is up there with some of the most popular drinks in the world, meaning there would be several brands staking its claim as the number one Vodka brand.

Vodka is seen by some as just too strong to sip alone; making it an ideal ingredient used in cocktails – some of the best and most ordered cocktails have vodka. Vodka itself makes for a riveting and stunning effect that has made it revered throughout the world.

Vodka is basically alcohol and water, with only a few varieties have traces of flavor, sugar or fruits. Purity is of the essence of vodka in the world of vodka. After the systematic fermentation and distillation of cereals or potatoes (Vodka is made from both), the beverage comes with a certain element of neatness with it. This makes the idea of vodka being pure and strong very necessary in ascertaining the best brands in the world.

There are many types of vodka in the world presently – Russia and Poland still stand as the best makers of vodka making the best Russian vodka a highly desired commodity. But vodka is being made in several other countries like France and Sweden.

Only spirits produced from the cereal or potatoes are permitted to bear the name vodka”, according to European Union legislation. This is why vodkas made from distillation and fermentation of used mash are not permitted to bear the name “vodka” on their labels.

Finally, there are some modern Vodka brands whose ingredient for making the spirit include either sugar or fruits. It is here brands such as the popular Ciroc and Bombora stand.

Here is a list of the 10 best Vodka Brands in the world, if you are a vodka enthusiast, this is home for you. If you are new to vodka and more interested in exploring, you are also in the perfect place. So sit back and pour yourself a shot because you are in for a great ride.

1. Zyr Vodka

10 Best Vodka Brands in the World

This brand of vodka is from the mother Russia. It is regarded as a luxury vodka brand and it has more than just an interesting name going for it. Like Jean-Marc above it, the attention to detail here is top-notch. This premium alcoholic beverage is gotten after five times of distillation and four times of filtration.
With 40% alcohol content, you get everything you want in a vodka brand. Zyr holds the distinction of being our top choice.

2. Jean-Marc XO

 10 Best Vodka Brands in the World

The thoroughness and attention to detail during the manufacturing of this brand of vodka is unmatched by any other. The production process is meticulous and requires the use of four different types of wheat. You think that’s all? Think again. These wheat go through the distillation process for nothing less than nine times.
All these make the brand one of the best in the biz and it is hard not to see why. The only problem is it may require an extra buck but it is more than worthwhile.

3. Kauffman Luxury Vintage Vodka

 10 Best Vodka Brands in the World

Luxury? Check. Vintage? Check. Just from the name, it is easy to see just why this is one of our choices for the best vodka brands in the world. Made from only the best wheat crop, it is only natural that the resulting spirit is also one of the best. Considered pricey (it is one of the most expensive on the list) by some, but you only want the best, right? Well, you have to pay for it.

4. Black Cow

10 Best Vodka Brands in the World

This vodka brand has an interesting that stems from its original ingredient of production, milk. Yes, you couldn’t have guessed that. British made and gluten-free, this unique brand of vodka is worth trying. And I bet your first time won’t be your last. Due to the interesting ingredient used for making it, the spirit comes with a smooth creamy taste that makes a great choice for straight drinking.
Have a taste of Black Cow and you will see why it is one of the best Vodka brands in the world.

5. Reyka Vodka

10 Best Vodka Brands in the World

Like earlier stated, purity is of the essence in the world of vodka. So if you are looking for one of the best and the cleanest vodkas in the world, look no further from this Icelandic made vodka. It is unique for being the only spirit produced by the country and also for the fact that its production process is done entirely by pure geothermal heat. This is one luxury brand of vodka you can’t say no to. 

6. Chase Vodka

10 Best Vodka Brands in the World

This is another British made vodka but this one comes with a more natural ingredient – potatoes. This is a very fine spirit whose appealing look makes it even a must-buy. Chase Vodka is one of the leading options in the world of luxury vodka brand and it is easy to see why. At 40% alcohol content, this would also make for a great cocktail ingredient.

7. Crystal Head Vodka

10 Best Vodka Brands in the World

This vodka brand comes with a story – the name was inspired by the myth and legend of 13 crystal heads as a result of the merging of brand founders, John Alexander, and Dan Aykroyd. Considered by many as one of the smoothest vodka brands, this is deserving of a place on our list.

8. Zubrowka Vodka

   10 Best Vodka Brands in the World

Vodka originated from Poland and Zubrowka is the testament to the vodka know-how of the Polish people. With its rye flavor and bison grass taste, this makes for a special alcoholic beverage and most importantly, one of the best vodkas in the market at the moment.

9. Stolichnaya Blue Label

 10 Best Vodka Brands in the World

If you are looking for the best Russian vodka, this Russian beauty is the one just for you. ‘vodka’ translates to ‘water’ in Russian and no other vodka brand better embodies this – Stolichnaya Blue Label has the highest alcohol content of all Vodkas with 50% alcohol content. Talk about purity!

10. Ivan the Terrible

10 Best Vodka Brands in the World

There is nothing terrible at all about this excellent vodka brand. Made from wheat grain and produced with a hint of sweet cream, you are in for a great vodka experience. This is an interesting choice to cap off our list. 

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