Why You Should Store Whiskey in a Decanter

Why Should You Store Whiskey in a Decanter

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Why You Should Store Whiskey in a DecanterThe need for whiskey decanters has been long disputed. Some believe that whiskey decanters are nothing more than a tool for pretentious people to look posh, sophisticated and classy. Others say decanters are nothing more than extra storage that whiskey do not even need.

There are some element of truth to all these but it doesn’t represent the whole story. Whiskey decanters are actually important.

Decanters have been around for a very long time – you can trace the use of decanters all the way to the Roman Empire and even further. Of course it was used by the elite of those times but that doesn’t make whiskey decanters useless.
Back then, whiskey decanters were made in order to get whiskey from the barrels in which they are stored. This is a definite old-fashioned use of decanters – but it still shows that decanters were a necessity.

There is no separating decanters and aesthetics – simply put, wine decanters are beautiful. When placed on the table in your office or at home, they stand out and become a center of attraction. The shape, the crystals and the allure of whiskey decanters make them very appealing. By just pouring your whiskey or bourbon from whiskey or bourbon decanter, there is a certain class that comes with it.

Whiskey Decanters as a Fashion Statement

Decanters are naturally beautiful, the crystal material in which they are made from make them very appealing and alluring. The design and shapes in which they come also make them a fashion statement.

When you are in need of noticeable feature on your office desk, get yourself a set of whiskey decanters. Yes it is cliché, but it actually works. When decanters are placed on a table or when you are pouring the whiskey into a glass, there is a certain confidence and class that comes with. It is almost unexplainable, just give it a try.​​​

Benefits of Whiskey Decanters

There are majorly three benefits associated with the use of whiskey decanters and these answers the never-ending Why Should You Store Whiskey in a Decanter. The next time you are asked this, answer with any or all of these.


Whiskeys can generally last for a very long time, but this is when they remain in a bottle. Only a handful of people in the world can finish a bottle of whiskey at once. It isn’t even advisable to finish a bottle at once.

In the process of opening and closing whiskey, the amount of air it would get in contact with won’t matter. But the moment you forget to close the bottle of whiskey for a long period of time, you are not doing your whiskey any good.
This is where whiskey decanters come into play. There is always an urge to cover the cap of a decanter after pouring the whiskey.​​​

Types of Whiskey Decanters

There are several types of whiskey decanters in the world. They come in different shapes; sometimes rounded, sometimes square. Whiskey decanters also come in several sizes and different materials. Here are the most popular types of whiskey decanters to choose from.

1. Stacked Decanter Set

This type of whiskey decanter features a small size; the emphasis is on the aesthetics and beauty that it offers. Imagine a decanter sitting on two rock glasses, you have yourself a stacked decanter set. A beautiful, sleek and handy decanter that offers elegance and class.

2. Noblesse Whiskey Decanter Set

This crystal whiskey decanter set offers all the benefits that comes with a decanter and also offers an appealing look. The decanter set is design to give you aristocratic and noble look when placed in your home or office. The decanter is clear as day, ensuring you see and appreciate every single detail of the whiskey.

3. Schott Zwiesel Triton Crystal

A crystal clear whiskey decanter that can take up to 0.7 liters of whiskey. The decanter is made from lead-free material making it even safer for use.

4. Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Decanter

 Why You Should Store Whiskey in a Decanter

One of the most popular whiskey decanter brands in the world. This particular decanter can take up to a liter of whiskey at a time. Lead free, European made and clear crystal are some of the perks of this decanter.

Due to the fact that it is lead free, you can keep your whiskey for a long time in this decanter.

5. J A Campbell Cut Spirit Decanter

Going for as much as $400, this is one the luxury brands of whiskey decanters. This lead free crystal clear decanter comes with a stopping cork. This is the embodiment of luxury, refreshment and control.

6. Tartan Oval Shape Whiskey Decanter

The shape of this particular decanter makes it attractive when placed on the table – it is hard to miss. It also gives it a larger capacity than other decanters on this list. Enjoy your whiskey or bourbon from a Tartan Oval Shape Decanter.

Do not confuse the benefits of whiskey decanters with wine decanters. The two major reasons why people make use of wine decanters is to ensure that the sediment as a result of aging is separated. The other reason is to ensure that the wine is oxidizes. By decanting the wine, some notes and flavors in the wine become more noticeable when sipping.

These do not apply with whiskey decanters; one, whiskey doesn’t have sediments no matter how long it lasts in a bottle. Two, oxidation does not matter to a bottle of whiskey.

It is important to know this distinction so you have everything there is to know about whiskey decanters.  

Bourbon Decanters

Just like whiskey, bourbon looks (and tastes) better when pouring from a crystal decanter. It gives a touch of sophistication and class that you can only be gotten from bourbon decanters.

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