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Posted by Esther Ruiz

What is vermouthNot many wines can boast of being traditionally used for medicine, but then again, Vermouth is not many wine. This great fortified wine is the embodiment of refreshing and satisfying, giving you all want and desire in a wine.

If you are familiar with the world of wine, then you would have heard of Vermouth. It is a common, must-have recipe for bartenders and mixologist, which is testament to the masterful wine abilities of Vermouth. The wine can easily be sipped straight-up without combining with other ingredient, but Vermouth is best used as a part of an orchestra, leading other ingredients to create a work of art.

Vermouth has probably made your day more than once, and you have always wanted know more about it. Well, today is your lucky day because this is everything you wanted to know about Vermouth.

The Basics

Vermouth is a fortified wine. What does fortified mean? It means a wine that has been spiked with brandy. Vermouth, during its production process, was spiked with brandy as well as some herbs, spices and roots. Hence the wine been described as aromatized and fortified.

While most wines or alcoholic drinks have a substitute, Vermouth is unique. Hence, only Vermouth can do what Vermouth does.

Production Process

The production process of vermouth generally involves a lot of ingredients. A number of grapes are used in the production process making the a bit complex. Grapes such as Piquepoul, Catarratto, Trebbiano, Clairette blanche and a few others are used in making this giant concoction.

By now you should be familiar with the idea of sweet vermouth and dry vermouth. These are the basic two types of vermouth. During the process of production of sweet vermouth, sugar syrup is added to it.

The spices added in the making of vermouth are the most unique thing about it – and a number of spices are used. Spices such as cinnamon, citrus peel, hyssop, ginger, coriander and even marjoram are used for making vermouth.


There are several varieties of vermouth. Other than the two general varieties of sweet vermouth and dry vermouth, other types exists. Here are some of the most popular varieties of vermouth.

1. Red Vermouth

In the process of making red vermouth, caramel color is mixed to the wine which gives it the red color. Other less common colored vermouth varieties include rose and golden vermouth.

2. Italian Vermouth

Italian vermouth are usually characterized as red Italian rosso. They are often slightly sweet and often feature a more pronounced red color. As expected, they are produced in Italy. The common name for them is rosso.

3. French Vermouth

What is vermouth

These varieties of vermouth often refer to the pale and dry vermouths. They are bitterer than the Italian vermouth. During their production process, nutmeg is usually added, or sin some cases, bitter orange. The common name for them is Bianco.

4. Blanc Vermouth

So maybe you want a combination of both sweet and dry vermouth, then Blanc variety is the best choice for you. It comes with a sweetness that is accompanied with the tart that typifies a dry vermouth.

So basically, the sweet vermouth are Italian made with red color while the dry vermouths are from French and have a pale color.

How to Best Enjoy Vermouth

1. As a part of cocktail

Vermouth is as versatile as they come. It works perfectly as a cocktail ingredient evident in crowd favorite such as Manhattan, Martinis and Negronis. Other popular cocktails made from vermouth include Bronxes, Gibsons.

What is vermouth

Vermouth pairs well with spirits such as vodka and sparkling wines such as Chardonnay. The Bamboo is one of the most popular and in vogue cocktail choice, and floral vermouth is crucial ingredient in the making of this beautiful drink.

2. As an Aperitif

What to do when all you have is a bottle of Cinzano? Well, drink and enjoy your vermouth as an aperitif. Both sweet vermouth and dry vermouth can be easily enjoyed straight-up but preferably over ice.

3. As an ingredient for cooking

By now you know people use wines to cook and vermouth (due to spices) makes for a great cooking ingredient. You can switch things at home and add vermouth to your dinner recipe. Chicken with olives, lemon, potatoes and vermouth works brilliantly.

Best Vermouth Brands

There are level to the quality of vermouth brands. Some of the most popular brands also double as the best brands. It is these brands that you see among a bartender recipe and at most bars.

Here are some of the must-have brands of Vermouth for any bartender or any lover of vermouth.

1. Antica Formula Carpano

This is probably the most well-known vermouth brand of vermouth. While popularity may not always translate to quality, it holds for Antica Formula Carpano. It also holds the distinction of being the first ever vermouth made way back in 1786. And it has only gotten better as the years go by. Enjoy the creamy vanilla taste of this fortified and aromatized wine.

2. Cinzano

What is vermouth

Another popular and recognizable brand. Cinzano is what is known as premium vermouth and it is probably the closest thing to a luxury vermouth.

The butter flavor of Cinzano is unmistakable in any cocktail or on the rocks serving.

3. Noilly Pratt Original Dry

From the name, you can tell that this is a dry vermouth. It comes with all the common characteristics of a dry vermouth as well as its unique apple notes and mouthful tannins. Whether served chilled or on ice, as part of the recipe of a martini, Noilly Pratt is one brand of vermouth you would enjoy.

4. Atsby

Atsby offer something no other vermouth brand offers, a variance from the old European vermouth qualities. Chardonnay (white) is the original wine used in the making of vermouth and it is fortified by adding apple brandy. Numerous natural ingredients are used in the production of Atsby vermouth making feel as earthy and spicy as possible.

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