Choosing best red wine glasses

Choosing best red wine glasses

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Best red wine glasses

Red wine is the most elegant and classy drink that is served at all the best restaurants and formal gatherings. People love to enjoy the wine because it has a special appeal and it will not make you feel high. However, red wine is nothing without the best wine glasses.

There is a huge variety of glasses available in the market and selection of best one can get really tough.

Why selection of the right wine glass is important?

Wine glass anatomyImagine that you have bought the vintage red wine for your boss who is coming over for a business meeting. You served the wine and your boss is not impressed. While leaving the house he suggests you spend as much money on the glass as you had on the bottle of wine. You might have been wondering that why he made such comments. The reason is that you have served the wine in the wrong glass due to which its aroma and flavor has been affected. Here we have a list of things you should consider before buying red wine glasses.

1-Wide bowl

The first thing that you have to consider while buying the wine glass is the bowl. The best red wine glasses never have a narrow bowl. There is ethanol in the wine. When you pour the wine into the best glass it evaporates. It helps in the formation of special aroma that we all know as wine aroma.

Now if the aroma is not created no one will be able to identify the quality of wine that you have served. With the wide bowl, the ethanol will be perfectly evaporated so that you can get the best aroma of the wine. Make sure that when you are planning to buy the glass it has a wider bowl. The larger it will get the better aroma you will be able to create and so all your guests will be impressed by the quality of red wine you have served.

2-Long Stem

The next important thing that you have to consider while buying the red wine glass is the stem of the product. The best wine glasses for red wine always have a long stem. The reason is that wine has to be served at a special temperature to assure that you can get the perfect flavor.

However, when you will serve it in the glass with short or not stem the temperature of your body will affect the quality and flavor of the wine. It has been noticed the stem of glass plays a very important role. Make sure that you buy one with the long stem so that your guests can keep their hands away from the bowl of wine and they will be able to comfortably hold the glass in their hands. Apart from that, it will get easier for you to swirl the wine because some individuals have a habit of doing.

3-Tapered Rim

One of the most important things that you have to consider while buying the wine glass is the rim. There are two types of rims available in the market tapered and flared. Now the confusion is that moth rims have a wide bowl. It is better that you ask the retailer if you do not know the difference so that you will not make any mistakes.

  • The benefit of buying tapered shape is that it will suspend the aroma of the wine at the top of the glass
  • In the flared rim all the aroma will be released into the air and your glass will be left with no aroma
  • When your guests are swirling the wine, you will not have to worry about any spillage because tapered glass will not let the wine spill.

Good wine smells like heaven

4-Crystal vs glass

Crystal vs glassMost of the people are confused that whether they should but the crystal or glass when purchasing the wine glasses. Now, remember that glass is very vulnerable because it is easy to break and brittle. On the other hand, crystal glass has lead oxide and it has a unique shine and sparkle that looks amazing in your hand.

The crystal glass is more resilient and strong. It means that you can serve the wine without worrying about collecting the pieces of broken glass after your guests have left the place. The biggest benefit of crystal wine glass is that it is more microscopically coarse. It makes the wine develop stronger and better aroma that will last longer is the glass. Crystal glasses are easier to shape and they can be hand blown into thicker or thinner glasses.

5-Thick or thin

Once you have selected everything pay attention towards the quality of the glass. Most of the people prefer to buy the thin glasses because they think the thinness of the glass makes it look more elegant and classy. However, they do not know that thin glasses are easy to break. There are some individuals that cheers with some extra enthusiasm and a broken glass in their hand will leave a poor impression.

Make sure that you get the thicker glasses for your red wine. They are durable and the best thing is that you can easily wash them in the dishwasher. However, they have rolled edges which means that you might find it a little difficult to take a sip. Thin glasses have cut rims that make it easier to enjoy your wine.

Bottom line

There are many retailers available on the market that are selling different types and qualities of red wine glasses. However, the elegance that you will get in the crystal glass is the best. We have been providing our customers with best crystal wine glass.

When you will serve the wine in these glasses your guests will get amazed at your sense of style and class. The glasses look luxurious and the biggest attraction is that they are available at an affordable rate. Buy the one that suits your style and requirements perfectly. If you want to have a look at the complete variety you can visit our website.