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Posted by Veenu Hooja

Popular Red Wine Glasses trends of 2017For thousands of years, people all over the world have produced different varieties of wine, and its importance in the evolution of mankind has been documented in old religious books, music, literature and even scientific research and publications. Usually made from fermented grapes without the addition of sugars, water, or other nutrients, wine has certainly become a mainstay in our ever-changing lifestyle. Red wine is probably the most popular type of wine in the world today and they are made from dark-colored grape varieties. This type of wine has been talked about extensively in the past that people now always associate the word ‘wine’ with the color red. Switch off my phone, put on a movie, a glass of wine, and some salad is my idea of a perfect evening after a stressful day’s work. However, the type and design of wine glasses used to drink and taste wine are almost as important as the wine itself and the idea that the shape of wine glass should be matched to the type of wine is a one that has been debated among famous wine drinkers and tasters for a long time.

The red wine glasses need to be crafted in a certain way and have a unique shape that suits the type of wine in question. The effect of the shape on the taste of the wine, though cannot be explained scientifically, is very important. Many believe that the shape of the glass concentrates the flavor and aroma. Since taste is greatly affected by smell, it improves the overall taste of the wine. My description of what a perfect red wine glass should look like is something with a rounder, wider bowl that it increases the amount of air that meets the wine in the glass. This is especially important for red wine because the reaction subtly affects the flavor and aroma of red wine. This process of oxidation is particularly effective for red wine because their flavor is greatly improved when exposed to air. This is something red wine glasses are specially designed to allow. There are two popular shapes of red wine glasses that are widely used. Bordeaux wine glasses are taller than traditional red wine glasses with a broad bowl that’s designed for heavier red wines. The wine glass must be tall so that the wine proceeds directly to the back of the mouth to maximize its flavor. The second type of red wine glass is the Burgundy glass which is broader than the Bordeaux glass. They have a bigger bowl which directs wine to the tip of the tongue.

It’s very important to understand that red wine glasses can be made from either glass or crystal, both of which affect the taste of the wine. When deciding to buy red wine glasses, how do you know what type is right for you? Crystal red wine glasses are glasses with lead monoxide in them that refracts light giving the glass a sparkling appearance. However, there is also lead-free crystal glass wears that are manufactured by replacing lead with either magnesium oxide or zinc. Just so I won't bore you with all these talks of minerals and compounds, their use in glass makes the wine glasses sturdy enough to be spun very thin. Normal glass, on the other hand, does not contain any type of mineral and is generally lighter in weight than crystal glass and does not diffract light.


Examples Of Crystal Red Wine Glasses Of 2017

So, if you’re shopping for crystal red wine glasses this 2017, you should consider following the popular trends of finding the style of red wine glasses that suits your type of red wine. Below are some of the popular red wine glasses this year:

Alexandra Platinum Decor

Alexandra Platinum Decor red wine glasses

The Alexandra Platinum Decor  is beautiful in every way words cannot simply describe. It features a handmade platinum decoration specially designed by DIARY Platinum. The red wine glass is crafted from a lead-free Crystallite Bohemia and can hold up to 250ml of your delicious red wine. This wine glass has the beauty and elegance to spice up your party while also ensuring that you maximize the flavor of the wine.

Cindy round red wine glasses

Cindy round red wine glasses

The Cindy round red wine glasses are another simple and classy design that will make your red wine look more attracting in the glass.  It features the traditional long stem and a round bowl that is simply attractive. The Cindy Glass 350ml brings all flavors in the red wine into a single taste.

Sandra Burgundy glasses

Sandra Burgundy red wine glasses

The Sandra Burgundy red wine glasses is another popular red wine glass this year. It’s classy design makes it even more beautiful and suitable for all kinds of events where wine tasting and drinking are to be enjoyed. You can create synergy between your favorite red wine by yourself, all you need is just imagination and this classy set of wine glasses with hand-carved décor.

Alexandra Gold Décor

Alexandra Gold Decor red wine glasses

This is probably the most elegant of them all. The introduction of the gold colored design makes this so attractive. This type of glass will look perfect for your family dinner. Moreover, it will add a luxury feel to your home.

There you have it, just a tip of the iceberg of some of the beautiful crystal red wine glasses of 2017. You can get any of these red wine glasses at crystaldecor for amazing prices. Remember, the type of wine glass you use says a lot about your style.