Planning a Party? Here are 5 Reasons Why NOT to Buy Plastic Cups!

Planning a Party? Here are 5 Reasons Why NOT to Buy Plastic Cups!

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Plastic Cups VS Crystal Glasses

When you’re writing your shopping list to prepare for your next party, it will probably be tempting to add plastic cups to the list. After all, they’re cheap and there’s no dishwashing to be done after the party. But what are the consequences of choosing plastic cups? We think you might reconsider this item on your shopping list once you’ve read our 5 reasons why NOT to buy plastic cups (they’re pretty good reasons).

Reason #1: Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

Plastic cups are attractive to us as a product because they’re convenient. They serve their use and then we throw them away. But plastic does not decompose. That means that once the plastic cups have left your sight and taken away by the garbage truck, they stick around in our environment forever. And they cause all kinds of damage. 

Reason #2: Plastic Is Filling Up Our Oceans

These are the statistics: 8 million metric tons of plastics enter our oceans every year. This number adds to the 150 million metric tons of plastics that are already floating around in the ocean. The numbers are catastrophic. You may have seen images of vast expanses of plastic waste washing up to shore on beaches that are far from any humans. This is becoming the reality that future generations are being left with. And plastic cups are known to be one of the most common plastic items that are found in the ocean.

Reason #3: Plastic Is Killing Our Wildlife

It is estimated that nearly 700 species of ocean wildlife are impacted by the rising amounts of plastic waste in our oceans. It affects the tiniest of sea creatures, right up to the largest. The statistics show that more than 60% of all seabirds and 100% of sea turtles (that’s right, we said 100 percent!) have been found to have ingested plastic, thinking that it’s food. Once they’ve ingested the plastic, their body shuts down from not being able to feed or digest real food properly.

Reason #4: The Problem Is Growing

The production of plastic and it’s consumption by humans is expected to drastically grow… In fact, we expect the numbers to double within the next 10 years. That only goes to show that something urgently needs to change in order to prevent disaster for our environment. This means rethinking the attraction we have to disposable plastic items and turning to better, more intelligent solutions.

Reason #5: A Better Solution Is Available

After all these shocking figures and statistics, you’ll be happy to know that there are solutions for positive change that are easy and common-sense. Taking the focus off of disposable plastic items means turning instead to items that we can reuse time and time again. 

Instead of plastic cups, consider making the investment in our environment’s future by choosing some attractive glassware. Get rid of the mindset of a disposable culture by investing in glassware that you grow a fondness for, and a connection with.

Our premium quality crystal glasses are skillfully crafted in Europe in hundred-year-old factories. Some are even hand-blown in the traditional method of glass manufacturing. And think what an impression they will make on your guests compared to ordinary plastic cups!