Types of drinking glasses

Types of Drinking Glasses for Every Home Bar

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The fact that a bar is dotted to be a part of the house does not warrant it to lack a variety of drinking glasses. In fact, beyond its necessity, it comes with aesthetic values when you look up to your bar shelf and see the variety of drinking glasses, dazzling to the ambience of your beautiful home. And since water won’t be served at a mahogany finish home bar, it would only be nice to have good drinking glasses that will follow a wine of choice.

At homes, it is normal to have various wines that can go for various reasons and conditions. Some of the conditions would include a cold weather, a celebration, a classic couple dinner, wearing out the day’s stress, hosting a guest, and so on. Each moment spent with a wine is golden, so far the purpose is not heart-rending. The bliss of my-wine-and-I moment would be greater by knowing your glass. As much as a budget is worked upon to stock a bar, the budget should also include getting to stock the glass shelf.

What are the types of glasses needed in a home bar? Wouldn’t a mug and a number of tumblers do? Really? No! Get those sent to the kitchen, to the dining table, to the reading tables. It would work well, having your mug on your reading table for your coffee. A glass tumbler can be anywhere that that water can be easily gotten laid on. However, talking about bars, the guest glasses are different.

Champagne Glasses

Champagne signals celebration. If a new success was achieved at work and a couple of friends would be invited over, champagne is the go-to fellow. Champagnes are known to popularly go with the three glass types namely, the Coupe, the Tulips and the Flute. Based on experimentation and observation, the flute wins the crown for the champagne. Choosing which of the glasses, however, is dependent on the make of the wine. Therefore, when considering the best champagne glasses, any of these oracles should be consulted.

The Champagne Coupe

This glass is also called a saucer. A coupe has the typical characteristics of having a short, but wide bowl. It is also has a long stem. Though it does not give the comfy of showcasing a wine bubble/sparkle, it has been a glass of the wine for many years. It is considered a traditional glass for a champagne in the UK and among the French. The glass sure gives a direct clearance for the nose to perceive the aroma of the wine, as it is sipped.

The Champagne Tulip

The tulip is not difficult to identify. It bears that shape of a tulip flower. Seeing a tulip stand on a bar table would be the view of elegance. The tulip has an averagely wide bowl. The bowl is taller than the coupe; thus, it gives a better scenery of the champagne’s bubbles as they rise. The bowl is farthest at about the middle and gets narrowed to the top. That way, it affords to trap the wine’s aroma within itself.

The Champagne Flute

The flute welcomes you to a wonderful drinking experience. It has a narrow and tall bowl that gives nose the privilege of catching the trapped aroma. The narrowness and tallness also make the air displacement within the cup a delight to watch, as the bubbles make their way from the bottom of the glass to the top. The Flute has long stem too, for easy handing without having to hold the glass at the bowl. Nothing encourages a drinking etiquette like a long stem.

Stemless Champagne Glass

This would go for any glass with a tall height and a narrow bowl but without a stem. This can be like the typical tumbler, but the character of the glass shape is important.

In picking a type of champagne glass set, any of these can be marked, the Sandra Champagne flute, Gold decor glass, Exclusive gold décor glass, The rainbow champagne flute, etc.

Whiskey Glasses

The whiskey is better contained in a spacious glass. It makes gulping easy and the addition of ice. Many don’t bother about the nosing experience of whiskey. Nevertheless, for those who do, they pay more attention to the choice of glass than a regular tumbler. Sometimes, they go for the flute or the tulips. However, both of those don’t offer the luxury of holding ice in them. Therefore, selecting a whiskey glass for a home bar requires a careful consideration of a variety of stemless and wider glasses.

The Turbulence Tumbler

The tumbler is a 4.9 inches tall drinking glass with a smooth body. It is safe, clean and dishwasher permissible. The 500ml is just okay to have your classic whiskey. The glass is not blurry, but transparent to see the wine and its swirling spiral if the delightful twirl is activated.

The Quadro Whiskey Glass

This glass is modelled into a 4-sided shape. The shape allows the candour of admiration, and it permits the ice to settle comfortably into the glass while drinking.

Island Multicolour Tumbler

Adding colour to a whiskey would be a compatible saying with this glass. The tumbler set comes with various colours sitting like hills in each of the glasses.

Other glass categories in the whisky glass class include the Premium orbit whiskey decanterA high ball glass, A gold decor whiskey tumbler, The premium Quadro whiskey tumbler and a collection of hand-carved whiskey tumblers.

Snifter Glasses

Snifters go for the spirit wines in the category of Armagnac, Brandy, and Cognac. They are called snifters because they permit the nose to contain the aroma of the wine simultaneously as the mouth savours the taste. Snifters have characteristic short stems and large bowls that narrows to the top. The bowl is to hold the wine to the cheeks, and the narrowness from the widest part is to trap the aroma of the wine on the concave surface against the glass. Talking about the classes to which a snifter can belong, that would bring about the mention of:

The Lara Brandy glass

The pure bohemian crystalline glass, the Gold Décor brandy snifter; a PANTO painted golden glass with handcrafted design, and the exclusive gold decor; with patterns made with lead oxide carvings on its outer body and a gold paint from the neck to the rim.

Those choices of glass rank high for home bars. These glass sets are not expensive or difficult to get the descriptions. As considerate as we could be, we have glasses for every pocket size. To see the properties of these glasses and more, Visit our store.