Wine glasses care – A Quick Guide by Crystal Glass Experts

Wine glasses care – A Quick Guide by Crystal Glass Experts

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Unlike what a lot of people think, wine glasses are the bridges between you and the spirit of your wine. Therefore, it does not make much sense to have spent the stress and a fattened purse to purchase your wine glasses if you are not going to shower express care on them. Care is important for glassware as they can quickly be transformed from a good quality to substandard wine glasses if proper care is not observed.

In this article, Crystal glass expert takes you through the proper steps to manage and care for your wine glasses in order to keep the quality a 100% and enjoy each sip of wine you drag each time you are in for a treat.

Washing your Wine Glasses

Wine glasses care is a conscious effort where you ensure that your wine glasses are completely without stains or dust before use. Ensure your wine glasses are sparkling clean and this start with proper cleaning after use, not just before the next use.

Since good wine glasses may be more porous than standard glasses, some stains may develop over time, especially after using for red wines. Do not scrub on the wine glasses as this will not only create a rough surface on which stains will be easier to form, but also make the glass dull which makes it difficult to accurately measure the colour and clarity of the wine.

Using wine glass dishwasher


Technology has not been at rest since the realization that a larger amount of people care about their wine glasses and would do anything to make sure they remain clean and spotless.  As against popular perception, dishwashers are not made to be the grave for your wine glasses, you just have to know which type of wine glasses are best washed with your dishwasher. Crystal wine glasses and those which have long stems are not typically made for dishwashers.  However, washing your wine glasses in a dishwasher is a more advanced and intense form of wine glass care. While at this, do not use very much detergent and do not dry your wine glasses by heat. Also, do not use detergents with thick fragrance. As soon as the dishwasher finishes rinsing your glassware, the wine glasses should be removed and washed by hand.

Best way to polish wine glasses

- Bring a pan of medium water to boil. Turn off the fire and leave it open for steam to escape.
- Hold the wine glass by the handle and turn it over the pot of water so that the steam can completely fog the inside of the glass.
- Turn the glass so that the steam covers the outside surface.
- Use a towel to hold the outside of the glass without leaving fingerprints on the surface. Use another towel to clean the steam inside, remove all traces of water and scratches.
- Repeat this on the outside. (Hold the wine glass at a maximum distance of 6 to 8 inches on a folded cloth napkin).
- If there are traces of lipstick on the glass, try dipping the edge in boiling water for a few seconds and polishing again.
- Use a polishing pad to clean thoroughly.

      Storage of wine glasses

      Once your wine glasses are clean, what's the best way to keep them? Most people store their wine glasses however the manner of their living situation is, however, it is important to take optimum advantage of your wine glasses care so as to get the best of cleanliness from your glassware.

      Many wine drinkers prefer racks for wine glasses. A good glass of wine rack will not only display the wine glasses in an attractive way but will separate the glasses to prevent them from colliding (to further disintegrate into splinters or cracks) and provides a comfortable place to dry when done washing them.