Upgrade your favorite wine with the best wine glasses

Upgrade your favorite wine with the best wine glasses

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Did you know that your favorite wine can have a lot of different tastes depending on the wine glass you choose? This fact was an inspiration for glass products manufacturers to create such glasses that show all the best characteristics of this rich drink. Wide or narrow bowl, long stem or stemless – every detail is important for taste as well as consumers pleasure. So how to choose the perfect wine glass for your beloved wine?

Red or white wine?

If your decision what wine to choose depends on your mood, we recommend to have at least 3 types of wine glassesred wine glasses, white wine glasses and sparkling wine glasses. All of them have one similar purpose – isolate wine from the environment impact as much as possible. Long stem and narrower top of the bowl is the most important detail when purchasing the best wine glasses for all your needs. The narrow top is a warranty for aromas to be held until the taster’s nose is close enough. Because so much of what you taste is informed by what you smell, the aroma of a wine can drastically alter it's taste.

And still, each kind of glass has some unique characteristics. For example white wine and sparkling wine glasses are always smaller then red wine glasses. They can be 15-20 cl capacity, while red wine glasses can hold up to 50 cl. The differences are influenced by wine characteristics. When drinking red wine your mouth should be opened wide, because all taste receptors should be fulfilled with this rich drink. Only then you will be able to feel the real taste. And white wine is absolutely opposite – it should fill your mouth in narrow steam and do not reach acid receptors at the edges of the tongue, that’s why the white wine glass is narrower then red wine glass.

If you will have three different types of wine glasses you will be able to keep the red wine in your hands and enjoy all the tastes collected at the bottom of the bowl. Also there will be a smaller glass for keeping white wine cold and fresh. And moreover if there will be any special occasion, the glass for sparkling wine will be an ideal solution as it keeps the drink fizzy and cool.

White wine glasses

Extra thin glass

Nowadays, when consumer’s demands are growing fast, it is not enough to read the label of the wine. Tasters are analyzing their favorite drinks by aromas, taste and color. Experts of the wine can recognize the origin by the color, so for them – extra thin wine glass is necessary element. As innovation impacts technology progresses, there are a lot of different types of glasses, so you can choose the most suitable for your favorite wine. However crystal wine glasses are still the most durable and thin solution. Crystal glasses will reveal the true color and won‘t let to distort the shades. As wine experts say „the wine will come to you naked, with all the benefits“

The best wine glasses

In conclusion, the best wine glasses are those that let your wine play the main role. All the best features of the wine – aromas, colors and tastes should come together and talk to themselves. If you have any doubts, just try it! Believe me, it is enough to have really good wine glasses to upgrade your beloved wine to a higher level.