Never offend red wine glasses. Only 2 etiquette rules everybody should know

Never offend red wine glasses. Only 2 etiquette rules everybody should know

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Red wine glasses are made to open wide all the best features of young or time tested wines. Every detail of good wine glass has its purpose, so it’s a pity when tasters are ignoring them by not knowing how to use it correctly. That’s why we decided to share with you some tips that will help you to feel confident and look like wine expert in any situation.

Long stem is not just a stylish detail

It doesn’t matter if we talk about white or red wine glasses, most of them are made with a long stem. Of course there are some sorts of wine, that can be drunk form stemless or short stem glasses, however it is rather an exception, not the rule. So what the long stem gives to the wine lovers? First of all it keeps the wine cool as long as possible as it preserves wine from the temperature of your hands. And if you heard a fact, that red wine does not require special temperature it is not absolute truth. It can be warmer than white wine or champagne, but still if you will keep it in your hands too long it will become more flat tasting wine and lose the charm.

What’s more, long stem is also the best way to keep the bowl clear as it prevents form smudging, and keeps the bulb free of fingerprints. It is not based on the obsession of cleanness. The main reason is an ability to see the real color and all the specific shades of the wine that are valued by red wine fans.

And the third reason to keep red wine glasses at the stem is the ability to swirl the glass easier. The action of swirling red wine glass is often seen in the movie scenes. Did you try it? Experts say that when you swirl the wine glass the liquid drawn the oxygen from the air and it helps to unlock all the aromas and flavors.

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Is there a right way of clinking the glasses?

Of course there is! And it is more based on logic than on etiquette. If you are at the party and you are offered to try a very special expensive wine from even more expensive red wine crystal glass, be familiar that good wine glasses are always spun thin at the top as much as possible. As some people say the crystal let you taste the wine first, not the glass. So if your red wine glass is made of crystal (or you are not sure what it is made of) better clink at the middle of the glass, where the bowl is the widest. The most fragile part of the glass will be protected and you will be avoided from the awkward situation when your wine is full of broken glass.

Created to compliment the wine

As we mentioned at the beginning all the wine glasses are made to show the best features of the wine. Knowing how to keep them in your hands is one of the key points in acquaintance with all red wine culture. If you read these tips you can be sure – you will show the respect to those who share their best wine with you and of course with those who created special red wine glasses that compliment all sorts of wine.