Wedding champagne flutes for your perfect celebration

Wedding champagne flutes for your perfect celebration

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Leonardo Da Vinci said “Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail“. And he was absolutely right. This quote is very relevant if we talk about your special occasion – wedding. Everybody is looking for a couple of champagne glasses for him and her for this celebration. Most of the times they are decorated with some special details such as black and white ornaments or suit and wedding dress imitations. Of course first glass of champagne is important for newlyweds, but do not forget – all the guests are going to raise a glass of this sparkling drink to celebrate together and to wish the best for new family. So did you consider how will your wedding dinner table will look like and what wedding champagne flutes will compliment it? Here are some suggestions for you.

The shape of the glass

When choosing your perfect wedding champagne flutes, be familiar that the shape of the glass is very important. If you want to share wonderful aromas of this luxury drink with your quests, you should choose a glass with narrow space at the top of the bowl. All the aromas will be locked in a glass until the taster’s nose will come closer. And of course if your wedding champagne is young and is not filled with time-tested tastes, the bowl can be wider.

What’s more – most of the champagne glasses are created to keep bubbles sparkling as long as possible. Long and narrow flute bowl will preserve bubbles and create a fancy visual effect when bubbles will rise to the top. Every glass in your quests’ hands will become a little detail of stylish wedding atmosphere.


Most often wedding champagne flutes are made of glass or crystal. And if comparing these two materials, just have in mind that crystal glasses are thinner but at the same time more durable. As it can be spun thin it looks classier and creates unforgettable feeling of luxury. So if you want to accomplish your celebration with splendor, we recommend to choose crystal at this time.

Champagne glasses

Champagne flutes as an element of décor

Nowadays there are plenty different styles of wedding champagne flutes and newlyweds can choose most suitable for their wedding party. The most popular option is classic glasses without any decoration that suits to any style of weeding, from beach wedding or rustic style to perfect gown. It will become a little wedding detail and will easily connect to the environment.

However if you are looking for more luxury option, then you can choose champagne flutes with golden or silver rim. As well as classic glasses it will suite to any style, but instead of being a little detail in your celebration, it will raise your dinner table décor to a higher level.

Perfect flutes for perfect celebration

It doesn’t matter what style or shape wedding champagne flutes will be chosen. The most important thing – that it would bring more joy and happiness to your party. Moreover, after this special occasion they can bring back memories every time using them at home. So just take some notes from these recommendations and choose your first wedding present – perfect wedding champagne flutes!